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A great man / Gecory(grandson)

I am Gecory Reed. A distant member of the north desoto church of christ and grandson of a great man Bennie C Jones.
If there is anyone here who did not know him... I will give you a better idea of who he was and why his departure impacted so many people.

He was a man of pure love

As a teen he went off to the army and married the love of his life Maggie...God rest her soul.
They began a beautiful family with their children ANITA, VANESSA, ROCKY, TAMMA, BENNIE JOE, AND GENEVA.  As my big cousin Ozell put it  Ben and Mag were the kings and queen of our family. He had so many grandchildren we had to fight to get all of our names in the obituary program(17) but he had a soft spot for us all and would have given any of us his last.

Take me for example... I was never good at sports as a child. Actually I admit I was terrible. The kind of player the coach only put in the game after he was sure his team had won or lost. But whenever I did make it into a game i could see my grandpa rooting for me like I was an allstar player.

That was pure love. 

I remember growing up to his old country storys about the trouble him and his cousin C L would get into.
But he gave us the tradition of piling up every July in a van and going down to Benchley Tx, so we could know our kinfolk and where we came from. A tradition I and Ozell will make our business to continue.
That is pure love

He did not smoke or drink.....and i never got to hear him raise his voice.

When ever he was in his small house in Oak Cliff, and Tyreek and Man-Man were jumpin on him, or Anika was drilling him with questions, and he was in the company of his grand and great grand children, he was living his dream.

That is pure love.

Now i have learned first hand how funerals and families don’t mix. Satan puts in overtime when someone passes... And some people act out of character. The easiest thing to do is to cut people off and go your separate way.  But when u look ur relative in the face and say you are my family.... I love you..... And I aint going nowhere
That is pure love.

My grandfather understood the importance of strong families. That they stay together, and it is that quality that i hope we all will honor.

I will surely miss the chef, the fisherman, the mechanic, the family doctor, the soldier, the cowboys fan, the Obama supporter, my friend, and my hero BENNIE C JONES


"you were the best daddy ever" / genie(Daughter)
When you would come home from work ( EVERY DAY) daddy all of us would hide be hind the furniture in the living room and you would come in jinggling your keys very loud and we would JUMP OUT and say RAH!  you'd alway act scared and i know you were a good actor. 
You would always sing songs to me, my favorite was " There was an old lady that swollered a flie, I don't know way she swollered the flie perhaps she'll die"ect. 
When you and moma decided to put me in day care I'd scream bloody merry and I'd make you feel guity to leave me. ( some times I'd win) SMILING.  When we found a day care I could tollerate I complained to you I hate grits/oatmeal you convience the ladies to give me syrp and bread.  (Rotton Brat)
 The time you'd smoke ciggars around me in the car I'd cough and fuss at you "that smoke stinks Daddy coughing like it was my last stop smoken them around me.  (I won!)
You'd always let me stand on your feet while we'd dance together with no music playing at all in the back ground.
You'd always carry me on your shoulders and in your arms of protection. 
 I once told you "I like Chocolate ice cream, you bought so much chocolate ice cream until i got burnt out on it....Still today i dont like it any more. (thanks dad) 
 You ware an all white uniform to work at the V A hospital and i declared to my teachers that " My Daddy Is A Doctor" with a strate face. 
The times you and moma would go to the night clubs moma in a beautyful gold dress and gold shoes, you with the smooth a hat and suit. The matching western out fits ( Unity)
Christmas was the best you'd love to assemble every toy and bike. We got large fruit/mixed nuts basket.  Mr Charlie and Mrs Mary coming over with holiday cheer.
The long lectures when i stole money out your pockets for the candy house...and spankings that kept me out of prison TODAY.  Taking us trickorteating for Holloween.
The special soul mans hand shake you'd do with Unkle LoNNie and Unkle Vernell your brother in laws. Fishing trips in the boat with life jackets on a must!  Teaching us to shoot bebe/Plet guns.  Growing small gardens getting excited to see the tomatos turn red.
When I was locked out side one day I conviently busted out a widow in Chico's room,  he retaliated and broke my room widow out too.  Daddy let us freeze that winter.  (lesson learned!)
Every time you got ready to joy ride in the Fery 66 white car we'd ask can we go too daddy you'd always say "Not This Time Some Other Time" (you had a nice way of saying NO! )
The home made basketball gold you made for us. Thanks Dad!
Some days I'd be riding my bike in the hood with a friend (lolita)and you drive arround til you find me and have my faviorate a dill pickle in a brown paper bag.  Thanks Dad!
I will never for get the time i cut my foot on a large piece of glass hopped and hollered all the way home woke you up out of a dead good sleep "Hollering For Jesus" while you wressled to remove it. Thanks Doctor Dad!  We would always fighting over a chair " when you move you loose!"  when the debate arrised you'd end it. Thanks Judge Daddy!
Dad bought us dogs and he'd groom the house dog at the vet's our other out door dogs were ronda, man, and gomer.  We'd have the best family summer vactions! I'm going to miss the hot summer days with you dressed in your worn blue jean coveralls eating watermelon with you Dad....You tought me so much with your actions and words.  How you and moma cared for your aging parents.  Moma would always catch the city bus on Saturday to care for Moma (Geneva)Williams hair ect...Daddy when we'd go visit Big Moma (Mae Pearl) you'd slip her cash even doe she had a husband. Your a tough act to follow Daddy.  When I knew your health was fading I started to coach my self and say Daddy aint no Dinosor he can't live forever. All soul belong to God....... Our Creator. The day God called you home I'd been studing hospic handout about preparing to say goodby to loved one.  I was not sure I wanted to be there with you.  I got the phone call from the nurse it is time to come in Geneva and say your goodbuys.  While driving there I got the Bubble Gutt,  needed a drink of water Atari gave me some of her soda pop.  The traffic was on a stand sill,  I breath a sigh of releave (thank you God) maybe he'll be gone when I get there.  Talked to Tamma on the cell phone " Were at Hwy 35 and Illinois in rout...she relayed to you the message Daddy.  The traffic cleared up and soon we were parked by your window and I noticed that it was up,  I though is that so the soul can fly out the window?  (the child in me)  In your room were the Chaplin, Nures, Bridgette the care giver (earth bound angels) Tamma, Atari, Roquia and me.  We held your hands and we switched out with Atari and Roquia.  When Tamma went to the sink to freshen up I asked her " Did you say goodbye yet"  She said yes I did...... I ask for some alone time and as they cleard the room I pop a peppermint in my mouth I didnt want to bring you my possible BAD BREATH as I held your hand daddy and said my special goodbye and ended with a song to you this time DADDY.  "yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me...for the bible tells me soooooooo.   I released you presious hand Daddy and call the others back in and your garden angel and you peasefully took your flight to your eternal rest ..............It's okay to let go to day I know it was Gods will that we were there for you......because you were always THERE FOR US............. 
Interactive Dad / Tamma Jones(daughter)
Prostate cancer took him from us.  I told my dad the memory I will cherish the most about him is that he was "ALWAYS" there.  For me and all the rest of his kids and grandkids.  He saved me from myself sooo many times when I was growing up because he was "ALWAYS" there.  Playing hooky from school, busted before I could get too far.  Joy riding, busted!  Sneaking out at night, oops caught again.  On the phone late at night when I was suppose to be asleep so I could get up bright eyed and bushy tail for school the next day - 'this is the operator checking for trouble on the line.'  These were just a few ways he saved me, there was plenty of more times.  And when he wasn't there, someone who knew him was there saying, "you're Bennie's daughter aren't you?" 
Not to mention, every football game I performed (drill team) at became a game to me and my friends like spotting waldow in the audience - "I see him," "there he is over there!"  To the mannish boys, my dad was Detective Jones to them because they had to go through him to get to me - too much work. Some of them said they wanted to be like my dad if they ever had daughters :)
I wasn't an 'only' child, no, there are six of us - just think, he worked full time all his life on a job and full time trying to corrale his kids from harms way.  Then he did the same for his grandkids.  So when did he sleep you may wonder.  ALMOST NEVER! 
In April 2005, MY  DAD retired from the Department of Veteran's Affairs following 46 years of dedicated service to the Government of the United States of America.
Well done dad!  Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful times.  I feel honored and blessed.

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